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Strategies for
Living Your Best Life

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Strategies for Living Your Best Life

Unlike most other financial service companies, we are relentlessly and unapologetically dedicated to building relationships with all of our clients.

We ask a lot of questions, and we listen for what you’re saying and not saying.

Then once we really understand you and what’s important to you, we use customized financial strategies to guide you towards pursuing your goals.

We know. Everyone says that. We live it.

Amber Watson and Steve Spurrier Baltimore, MD, Old Orchard Wealth Solutions

We don’t just see our clients for that once-a-year checkup. We see them at their retirement celebrations, birthday parties, their children’s weddings, even graduation celebrations. You name it, we get invited. And we attend.

We consider our clients family and they treat us like we are a part of theirs. 

And we don’t think it can be any other way.

Our Roots Are Deep

Most of us have a special place where we learned so much of who we are today.

The Old Orchard name harkens to that special place that formed the foundation of who Steve Spurrier is and how he approaches financial planning today.

To us, Old Orchard signifies our roots and how those roots can guide our approaches toward life.

Our role in your financial planning is to fit into your life, to understand what matters to you and your family, and to help you achieve it.

What Really Matters Baltimore, MD, Old Orchard Wealth Solutions

What Really Matters

We each have things that really matter to us. Often it’s family, but it also can be a dream or a wish, or something you always wanted to do.

We don’t see financial planning as putting these things off until….someday. (Because someday often never comes.)

We work with you to figure out what those things are that really matter.

And then we commit ourselves to helping you do them.